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South Africa Bank Payment DETAILS

Nedbank George
Savings Account
Account: 1536033316
Branch code: 153614

Payment Reference

If you use your name and phone number or email address in the payment reference we have the pleasure to send you a personal thank you message. We will only display the destination where the payment was from. Your name as a donator will not reflect on this website.

Our responsobility

We guarantee deeply from our hearts that these donations go into the right hands and will only and strictly be used for the house rebuilt project. All donations will be immediately forwarded to the house owner.

Donation Destinations

  1. George
  2. George
  3. George
  4. Mpumalanga
  5. Switzerland
  6. Switzerland
  7. George
  8. Switzerland
  9. Switzerland
  10. Jamestown
  11. Paarl
  12. George
  13. Switzerland
  14. Switzerland
  15. Switzerland
  16. Switzerland
  17. Switzerland
  18. Switzerland
  19. Switzerland
  20. Switzerland
  21. Switzerland
  22. Switzerland
  23. Switzerland
  24. Switzerland
  25. Switzerland
  26. Switzerland
  27. South Africa
  28. Switzerland
  29. Switzerland
  30. Switzerland
  31. Switzerland
  32. Switzerland
  33. Switzerland
  34. Switzerland
  35. Switzerland
  36. Switzerland
  37. Switzerland
  38. Switzerland
  39. Macassar
  40. Switzerland
  41. Switzerland
  42. Mpumalanga
  43. George
  44. Switzerland
  45. Switzerland
  46. George
  47. George
  48. Stellenbosch
  49. Switzerland

Thank you to those who donated. May God bless you and your families abundantly!

Donations received

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Estimated rebuilt *

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* We are still in the process of getting more quotations from different builders. This amount is estimated and adjusted when all quotations are available.

Roof & roof tiles material: R 53’000
Labor installing roof: R 12’000
Walls: unknown yet
Electric: unknown yet
Plumbing: unknown yet
Windows & doors: unknown yet
Floors: unknown yet
Painting: unknown yet
Appliances: unknown yet
Furniture: unknown yet
Miscellaneous: unknown yet