Rebuilt progress

we keep you posted

Please follow the process of rebuilding the burnt home. You can see what we were able to achieve with your donations. This process will be updated recently.

Wednesday 26.5.2021

A big milestone is achieved. The house is dried in, the roof tiles are installed.

Friday 14.5.2021

Thank you message from the burnt homeowner Quintin Pienaar.

Thursday 6.5.2021

The roof is finally installed and covered for the rain. The next step is to get roof tiles to finish the roof. Expected costs for roof tiles R18’000.

Tuesday 4.5.2021

Roof rafters installed. The job was a bit delayed as the brick wall needed to be fixed with some new bricks on the top. The guys need to push it as stormy weather is expected soon.

Thursday 29.4.2021

Roof material is delivered. Preparation for the new roof in progress.

Tuesday 27.4.2021

Preparation for the new roof in progress. Replacement of door frames.

Tuesday 13.4.2021

Further cleaning up and removing debris.

Tuesday 6.4.2021

Cleaning up and removing debris in progress.

Tuesday 30.3.2021

The roof is temporarily getting covered with a solid sail to keep rain and further damage away.

Sunday 21.3.2021

Two security guards patrolling the house day and night 24/7. A special thank goes to our dear family member Cedric who sponsors the security guards.

Cedric is running a security company. Please find out more about his company using this link: